Recessed Lighting Installation Cost: 2022 Average Rates | Upgraded Home (2023)

Recessed Lighting Installation Cost: 2022 Average Rates | Upgraded Home (1)

Have you settled on what kind of light fixtures you want inside your home? If you haven’t, you may want to consider recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting provides sufficient illumination while maintaining a minimalist profile. They fit in very well into just about any design scheme because they don’t interfere with your home décor. Of course, the cost of installing recessed lighting has to be considered before you make any kind of final decision.

The average recessed lighting cost is $365 per fixture, and it costs $1,875 for a set of 6 recessed lightings. Recessed lighting LED kits cost $110 each, and you can install a full set for $660. You will have to spend another $110 to install each recessed lighting switch.

You can add a more refined dimension to your home from a style standpoint using recessed lighting. It also helps that recessed lighting gives homeowners so many options in terms of customization. Learn more about what it will take to add recessed lighting to your home by continuing with this article.

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Recessed Lighting Installation Cost: 2022 Average Rates | Upgraded Home (2)

Average Cost to Install Recessed Lights

Number of LightsInstallation TimeEstimated Labor Cost to InstallCost to Wire LightsTotal Installation Cost
Two4 hours$255$300$555
Four4 hours$320$400$720
Six6 hours$425$500$925
Eight6 hours$680$700-$800$1,480
Ten8 hours$850$900-$1,000$1,850
Twelve10 hours$1,105$1,100-$1,200$2,305

Labor Cost for Recessed Lighting Installation per Light

Let’s discuss labor expenses. Hiring an electrician is necessary for this kind of job. You can examine the table below to see how much electricians are likely going to charge you per each light fixture.

Labor CostsHourly Rate
Low-End Estimate$150
Average Estimate$200
High-End Estimate$250

There are two types of fees to keep in mind when you hire an electrician. First off, there’s the service fee.

The service fee is usually in the range of $70 to $80 for a standard electrician.Master electricians will charge more, with their service fee almost always being above $120.Master electricians have more credentials under their belt. However, their level of expertise is not required for this specific kind of job.

Next up is the hourly rate.The hourly rate for hiring an electrician is in the range of $50 to $75.Most recessed lighting installation jobs take two to three hours. You can expect to spend upwards of $150 on labor alone if you’re hiring a professional.

Cost of Can Lights

Can or pot lights will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $190 per fixture.That number is based on the different factors buyers must consider when shopping for recessed lights. Let’s break down those specific factors in the sections below.

Cost of Recessed Lighting Based on Housing

Housing affects the durability of each recessed lighting fixture. It can also impact what type of illumination you’re getting so pay close attention to which type you’re getting.

TypePrice Range
Airtight Housing$12 to $90
Shallow Housing$15 to $100
Sloped Housing$30 to $120

Airtight Housing

Recessed lighting fixtures are kept in specific types of housing to keep them protected. Those housing units may sometimes be referred to as cans or pots.

Among the housing options available is airtight housing. Airtight housing is great for promoting energy efficiency. Consider it as an option if you want to cut down on your monthly expenses.

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Shallow Housing

Some ceilings may not be able to accommodate the standard-sized housing units that some recessed light fixtures require. That’s why housing options in the form of shallow cans are made available.Those shallow cans can squeeze into as little as two inches of space. They should fit well into just about any type of ceiling.

Sloped Housing

Much like shallow housing, the sloped cans used for recessed lighting are designed for certain types of ceilings. If you have a vaulted ceiling in your living room or bedroom, you will need this kind of housing. The cost of can lights that are sloped is higher than the previous two options because the units require more work.

Cost of Recessed Lighting Based on Trim

Just like with housing, homeowners have several choices when it comes to can light trim. They also fall into different price ranges.

TypePrice Range
Baffle$7 to $70
Decorative$20 to $200
Eyeball$11 to $100
Lensed$15 to $150
Open$9 to $60
Pinhole$11 to $50
Reflector$5 to $90

The abundance of available trim options for recessed lighting can make settling on one pretty difficult. Learning about how they differ from one another could make the selection process just a bit easier.

Baffle trim is great if you want to cover a wide space. It also gives off a gentler light compared to the other options. Reflector trim works similarly to baffle trim in the sense that it casts light out in a wide range.

Opting for decorative trim will significantly increase the pot light installation cost. Expect the price to go way up if you’re looking for something especially elaborate.

Both the eyeball and pinhole trims are good choices if you want to feature spotlights inside your home. The eyeball trim provides a bigger cone of lighting.Recessed light fixtures with lensed trims are tops in terms of versatility. Your choice of lens can increase the range of the light, alter its glow, and even provide improved protection.

Open trim makes sense for budget-conscious shoppers. This type of trim has a decent range, but it can be tricky to install.

Cost of Recessed Lighting Based on Light Bulbs

We cannot talk about installing can lights without discussing the matter of the actual bulbs themselves. Homeowners basically have two options to choose from if they want a new can light. They can either go with CFL or LED lights.

Cost to Install CFL Lights

CFL or compact fluorescent light bulbs for recessed lighting fixtures will cost around $20 to $50.Technically, you can still choose incandescent lights for your home, but they have fallen out of favor significantly. When it comes to energy efficiency and longevity, incandescent lights simply cannot stack up to CFL lights.

CFL bulbs need only a quarter of the amount of energy that incandescent lights do. Despite that, they can still offer plenty of illumination.The only real downside to CFL bulbs is that they contain mercury. They must be handled carefully during disposal because of that.

How Much to Install LED Lights

LEDs are more affordable compared to CFL bulbs.They cost around $20 to $35 if they will be used in recessed lighting fixtures.LEDs are comparable to CFLs when it comes to energy efficiency. They are also remarkably versatile and capable of lasting for a very long time.

Installing Recessed LED Light Kits

Recessed LED light kits are also made available to homeowners.Individual kits cost $110 each so you may have to spend $660 to complete the lighting setup for a single room.

Unlike recessed lights that use LEDs, LED light kits are already complete units. You don’t have to worry about purchasing housing, trim, or the light bulbs separately. Everything you need is included in the recessed LED kit.

LED light kits are also easier to install. If you are planning to install the recessed lights on your own, the kits are better for you.

Cost to Install Recessed Lighting IC-Rated or Non-IC-Rated

While looking for can lights, you may be asked if you needIC or non-IC-rated products. This is something you must pay close attention to if you have insulation in your ceiling.

TypePrice Range
IC-Rated Recessed Lights$12 to $100
Non-IC-Rated Recessed Lights$14 to $90

IC-rated recessed lights are the ones you can install even if your ceiling contains insulation. The specially designed housing will mitigate the heat being produced by the lights. It will stop the heat from potentially melting the insulation.

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Non-IC-rated recessed light fixtures offer no such protection. Avoid using this type of housing if you have insulation in your ceiling.

Cost of Installing Wiring for Recessed Lighting

The part of your home’s ceiling where you want to add the recessed lighting may lack the wiring required. In that case, the electrician will have to purchase new wiring while also arranging it inside your ceiling.

The cost of creating the new wiring setup is already baked into the electrician’s rates. Do note though that the additional wires are separate expenses.Aluminum and copper wires are the most common options used for rearranging lighting.Copper, which is priced right around $1, is usually twice as expensive as aluminum.

Copper is more expensive because it tends to last longer. It offers more corrosion resistance along with greater stability. Aluminum wires can last for a long time, but they still pale in comparison to copper in that department.

Consult with your electrician to determine what type of wiring is best for your home. Going with copper does increase the cost to add recessed lighting, but it’s arguably the better investment long-term.

Cost of Installing Switches for Recessed Lighting

The single switch controlling the lone light bulb inside the room may no longer be enough. The electrician may need to add more switches so you can use your new recessed lighting fixtures.

Switches can be surprisingly expensive.A single switch can cost you around $70 to $150.Still, you can argue that the price is worth it in exchange for full control over your recessed lights.

Additional Features for Recessed Lighting

You can add more features to your recessed lighting to turn them into more prominent elements of your home. The top features you can add include dimmer switches, special trim finishes, and wireless control.

Dimmer switches can be expensive.If you’re already spending $70 for a new switch, adding dimmer functionality will tack on an extra $50.

The trim finishes have more varied price points.A simple white or chrome finish may only cost around $10 to $20. Other finishes that feature copper, gold, or satin nickel cost closer to $50 and above.

Now, if you want your recessed lights to offer wireless control options, prepare to spend big.Adding that kind of functionality will cost about $100 extra for each light.

Additional Costs For Room and Ceiling Considerations

The material makeup of your ceiling matters because some are easier to work with than others. If the electrician you hired needs to spend more time cutting through your ceiling, your expenses will go up.You may have to pay an additional $100 to $200 for labor costs if your ceiling is complicating matters.

The height of your ceiling can also be an issue. Higher ceilings are more precarious and so electricians may have to create sturdier setups to stay safe. That will also take up more time and lead to their charges becoming more expensive.

Installing Recessed Lighting in an Existing Ceiling

Expect to spend somewhere in the range of $370 per fixture to add recessed lighting to an existing ceiling.The current wiring setup in your ceiling may require a lot of adjustments in order to accommodate the new lighting. That’s why the cost is that high.

You can save some money if you have leftover housing units in place. That could reduce the cost by as much as $100.

Installing Recessed Lighting in a New Ceiling

Going with recessed lighting right from the start will allow you to save money.The potential cost of hiring someone to handle recessed lighting installation in a new ceiling is close to $330 per fixture.The lower cost can be attributed to less work being required.

How Much to Install Recessed Lighting if You Have an Accessible Attic

The kind of roof you have may add to your expenses. However, that may not be the case if you have an attic. The electrician may not take as much time getting ready if they have access to your ceiling via the available attic.Labor costs will often end up close to $180 if you have an accessible attic.

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Clear out the attic before you sign up for pot lights installation. Make working on your ceiling as easy as possible to cut down on your labor costs.

Cost of Installing Recessed Lights in the Kitchen

Installing new pot lights inside your kitchen will be more expensive than adding them to your living room or bedroom.On the low end, the cost will be around $1500. If you want all the features included, you’re looking at a bill closer to $2900.

So, why is it more expensive to get recessed lights added to your kitchen? There are some key factors in play here.

Kitchen Size

The first is the size of your kitchen. Four lights may suffice for a bedroom or living room, but that may be lacking for a standard-sized kitchen. You will probably need six light fixtures at least and possibly even eight to ensure you have good coverage.

Bigger Fixtures

You may also need bigger fixtures for a space like a kitchen. Generally speaking, the lighting installation cost will go up along with the size of the fixture you want to add.There are three size options made available to homeowners. 4-inch fixtures are the most affordable, 5-inch fixtures are the mid-range options, and the 6-inch options are the most expensive.

Inside the kitchen, you almost always have to go with the 6-inch fixtures. Anything smaller can result in a lack of lighting.Major remodeling may also be required if you want recessed lights in the kitchen. Aside from fixing the wiring, the electrician may need to work around any ventilation in there. That will take time and also cause your labor expenses to go up.

DIY Recessed Lights Installation vs. Hiring a Professional

Going the DIY route with recessed lighting installation is an option and that will cost you around $1150.That should be enough for six new light fixtures.

$1150 remains the price for six lights, but you have to account for labor costs, if you’re bringing in the pros.To get a set of six lights professionally installed, you’ll have to pay a bill in the neighborhood of $2250.

When it comes to this kind of project, homeowners are generally advised against handling the project solo. So many things can go wrong during a project involving complicated wiring. Whatever you could save on labor expenses may just go towards medical bills and no one wants that.

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Recessed Lighting Installation Cost: 2022 Average Rates | Upgraded Home (3)

Related Questions

Do You Need a Permit for Installing Recessed Lights?

Whether or not you will need a permit for your recessed lighting project will depend on where you live. Your electrician will know if you do need a permit. They may be able to tell you where to get the permit and the requirements you’ll have to present.

Note that securing a permit will cost money. You’ll have to spend somewhere in the range of $20 to $100 in order to get a permit for the project. Take care of this early on so you can account for it while building your budget.

Are Recessed Lighting Fixtures Considered Valuable Additions?

According toreal estate company Redfin, recessed lighting fixtures are indeed considered very valuable. They rank behind only double pane windows and front patios as the most valuable home additions currently.

(Video) The Best LED Lighting for DIY Projects! | LED Pot Lights

If you’re looking to boost your home’s value before putting it on the market, adding recessed lighting will definitely help. Recessed light fixtures also remain great additions to your home even if you have no plans to sell anytime soon.

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What is the average labor cost to install recessed lighting? ›

According to HomeGuide, the average cost to install recessed lighting is between $125 to $300 per light in an existing home, but the price drops to between $65 to $175 in a new home where the lights can simply be built right into the ceiling as it's installed.

Why does recessed lighting cost so much? ›

Because you're not just hanging a single light fixture from the ceiling, recessed lighting requires a fairly extensive amount of electrical wiring, which may or may not be a project that homeowners are comfortable doing on their own.

How much recessed lighting per square foot? ›

A common rule of thumb is that you use one recessed light for every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space. Doing so provides even, overall illumination.

Does recessed lighting add value to a house? ›

LED recessed lighting is particularly appealing to prospective buyers and, according to research by Vonn, could add anything between 1% and 3% to your home's value – enough to pay some estate agent fees!

How long does it take an electrician to install recessed lighting? ›

Recessed lighting installation typically takes between two to four hours, but the actual time may differ depending on the number of fixtures and other factors. Installing lights that are on the same circuit is significantly faster, as is working with new construction.

How much does it cost for an electrician to install a ceiling light? ›

How much does it cost to install a light fixture? Installing most fixtures ranges from $75-$125. The cost will be affected by the type of fixture selected and the condition of your wiring. Your electrician will assess the location of your fixture and give you an accurate estimate of the cost involved.

What is better than recessed lighting? ›

Disc Lights: They fall into the category of LED flush ceiling lights, making for an excellent alternative to recessed light. They also save time, effort, and space. You can also be sure you won't have any overheating issues. These can also come under surface mounted downlights.

What size recessed lighting is best? ›

Choose one that will accommodate the height of your ceiling or the size of your wall.
  • 4-inch and 5-inch fixtures are great in kitchens for providing overhead countertop lighting.
  • 6-inch fixtures are most common for general lighting purposes.
  • 7- to 9-inch fixtures will create a wider wash of light.

What are the disadvantages of recessed lighting? ›

One downside of recessed lighting is the possible energy efficiency problems they might create in your home or business. To install recessed lighting, you have to cut holes in the ceiling and sometimes parts of the walls, which then become potential areas that air can leak in and out of your house.

How many recessed lights in a 12x12 room? ›

In general, a 12x12 kitchen will use a minimum of three to a maximum of nine recessed lights to illuminate the needed area.

How do you calculate recessed lighting? ›

By dividing the total height of your ceiling in half, you get the amount of space you should leave between each light. For example, recessed lighting spacing for a 16-foot-high ceiling would be 8 feet between each light. This will provide good spacing for the overall illumination of the room.

How do I calculate how many recessed lights I need? ›

Formula: total sq. footage x 1.5 = total wattage needed. Total wattage divided by 60 watts (or whichever wattage you select) = total amount of recessed can lights. Example: 240 square foot room x 1.5 = 360 divided by 60 (the bulb wattage I'd like to use) = 6 recessed lights needed.

How much does it cost to install 4 recessed lights? ›

Installing recessed lighting costs $100 to $480 per light fixture, or around $360 each, depending on your ceiling material, housing type, wiring, and more.

Does recessed lighting increase electric bill? ›

Recessed lights use just as much electricity as other bulbs, but they're more efficient. This is because they don't have to heat as much air as other types of bulbs do. As a result, you'll use less energy and save money on your electric bill.

Do I need an electrician to install recessed lighting? ›

Installing recessed lighting can be challenging—you might want to hire an electrician to do the job. Even if you're experienced in wiring light fixtures, installing recessed lighting comes with some challenges that may be best left to a professional.

How long does it take to install 6 recessed lights? ›

Installing recessed lighting is fairly simple and should only take between 2-4 hours, depending on how many lighting fixtures you need.

Do LED recessed lights use a lot of electricity? ›

Lower Your Energy Bills

LED bulbs, however, are much more efficient and use up to 50% less electricity than traditional bulbs. They also produce much less heat than other types of bulbs which can lower your cooling costs.

How long should LED recessed lights Last? ›

Many LED lights are rated to last 50,000 hours or more. That translates into roughly 5 and a half years, if you had the lights running 24 hours a day. That's 22 years if the lights are used an average of 6 hours per day or 45 years at 3 hours per day.

What do most electricians charge per hour? ›

Average Electrician Cost Per Hour

The range can really vary, but on average you can expect to be charged anywhere between $50 and $150 an hour.

How much does it cost to install a ceiling outlet? ›

Expect to pay around $125 to $175 to replace or install a standard outlet. The national average can run anywhere from $100 to $500 per outlet depending on the complexity of the job.

How much does it cost to install a ceiling fan? ›

How much does ceiling fan installation cost? With a few variables affecting the difficulty of the project, it typically costs between $100 and $300 for labor to install a ceiling fan. Your electrician's assessment of the project can help you plan and budget for your installation.

When should you not use recessed lighting? ›

If your room is large and you need to light up a lot of it, recessed lighting may not be the best choice. You will need a lot of recessed lights to properly light a big room. As you don't really see recessed light, if you are looking for a decorative element, they won't provide it.

What is the best color for recessed lighting? ›

Choose a white finish for a clean modern look. It is the most common and popular choice when it comes to recessed lighting.

Will recessed lighting go out of style? ›

One of the significant advantages of installing recessed lighting fixtures is that they'll never go out of style. Recessed lights have been around for decades because they're sleek, unobtrusive, and can be placed virtually anywhere to enhance the ambiance of a room. Plus, they're not a one-size-fits-all type of light.

Can you have too much recessed lighting? ›

The culprit: Too many recessed lights. It's easy to get a little overzealous when it comes to how many recessed lights go into a space. Too many can leave a living room feeling like a lobby or a hallway feeling like a runway. The fix: Create a lighting plan.

Are 4 recessed lights more modern? ›

Style – 4-inch lights lights are generally considered more modern than 6-inch lights because of their compact size. Function – 4-inch lights often have more options for gimbal and specialty trims used for task and accent lighting applications.

What is the rule of thumb for recessed lighting? ›

A good general rule for placement is to divide the height of the ceiling by two. The result is the amount of space to leave between each light. For example, recessed lighting spacing for a room with an 8-foot-high ceiling would be 4 feet between each light. This will provide good spacing for general room lighting.

Do recessed lights cause heat loss? ›

According to the Department of Energy, a home loses costly heat and cooling through ceiling openings for recessed lights. These energy losses from recessed lights often account for 50% of the total thermal losses of a ceiling.

Is recessed lighting cheaper than fixtures? ›

Recess lights may be cheaper than a normal light fixture. But keep in mind most of the time, you will need several in a given location. Installation is kind of expensive but isn't most electrical work. Expect to pay anywhere between $125-$200 per for light and installation.

Why do people love recessed lighting? ›

One of the major benefits of recessed lighting is to provide more coverage area. Because recessed lights are spaced throughout the ceiling, it's easier to light up every corner of your room uniformly. Homeowners usually opt for recessed lights in kitchens, living rooms, and closets.

Should you put recessed lights over TV? ›

Recessed lighting above or ambient lighting behind the screen will increase the level of light in the room, and of course there will be no glare on the screen. There are specific bias light fixtures for home entertainment areas, but you can also use your current home lighting to create the same effect.

How much area does 6 recessed lights cover? ›

How much area does the 6-inch recessed light cover? The general rule is to space the recessed lights according to their diameter. So, a 6-inch recessed light should be placed at a distance of 6 feet. In other words, a 6-inch light would cover 6 feet of ceiling space.

How many recessed lights can you run on one switch? ›

The main limitation to the number of recessed fixtures you can run at the same time is the rating of the circuit breaker that controls the circuit. Each fixture with a 60-watt incandescent or halogen bulb draws about 1/2 amp, so a 15-amp breaker for a standard lighting circuit would be able to handle 30 of them.

How many LED recessed lights per room? ›

A common rule of thumb is one recessed light for every 4 to 6 feet of ceiling space. Typically, fixtures should be placed 24 inches from a wall or cabinet with 2 to 5 feet of space between them.

How many recessed lights do I need for a 10x10 room? ›

Generally, it is recommended to have 1 light for every 4-5 square feet of space in the room. Therefore, for a 10×10 room, a good starting point would be 10-12 recessed lights.

How many LED recessed lights per circuit? ›

Number of Lights

For example, a 100-watt fixture would draw 100 divided by 110, or approximately 0.9 ampere. For 100-watt fixtures, you can have a maximum of 12 divided by 0.9A, or 13 fixtures. If the lights will be used less than three hours at a time, you could install 16 fixtures on the circuit.

How far should 4 inch recessed lights be from the wall? ›

Keep your fixtures between 1.5 and 3 feet away from the wall. Space fixtures equidistant from each other.

How far apart should 4 inch recessed lights be? ›

Follow the ceiling height rule of thumb.

Ceiling recessed lighting placement can sometimes prove tricky, but a good rule of thumb is if a room has 8-foot high ceilings, recessed lighting should be spaced roughly 4 feet apart. Likewise, if it measures 10 feet high, put about 5 feet of space between fixtures.

How many recessed lights should I put in my kitchen? ›

In smaller kitchens, install recessed lights two to three feet apart to keep lighting uniform. Have a larger kitchen? Install one recessed light for every four to six square feet of ceiling space. Though recessed lights may look small, together they provide strong, consistent light coverage across a whole room.

Does Lowe's install recessed lighting? ›

Get Your Lighting and Ceiling Fans Installed Professionally

At Lowe's, we can help with lighting and ceiling fan installation so all you need to do is pick your product. We have plenty of options for lights, including chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed lighting and more.

How much does it cost to install a dimmer switch? ›

Dimmer switches cost between $10 and $35 on average, although some higher-end models can be more expensive. On top of this, installation costs can be between $100 and $200, depending on the service and your location. Of course, it's possible to install or replace your switches on your own.

How many can lights for a 12x12 kitchen? ›

How Many Recessed Lights? In general, a 12x12 kitchen will use a minimum of three to a maximum of nine recessed lights to illuminate the needed area.

What is the best layout for recessed lighting? ›

A good general rule for placement is to divide the height of the ceiling by two. The result is the amount of space to leave between each light. For example, recessed lighting spacing for a room with an 8-foot-high ceiling would be 4 feet between each light. This will provide good spacing for general room lighting.

Are Recessed can lights out of style? ›

One of the significant advantages of installing recessed lighting fixtures is that they'll never go out of style. Recessed lights have been around for decades because they're sleek, unobtrusive, and can be placed virtually anywhere to enhance the ambiance of a room. Plus, they're not a one-size-fits-all type of light.

Can recessed lights be installed in an existing ceiling? ›

Recessed lighting is easiest to install during new construction, but can be retrofitted into existing ceilings. Because recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling, it's simplest to put in during new construction or a major renovation, before ceiling material goes up.

Can a handyman install a dimmer switch? ›

A licensed handyman is not allowed to do any electrical work if it connects to your home's electrical system directly unless the handyman also holds an electrician's license, which some of these providers do have issued.

Do dimmers use more electricity? ›

Not only do modern light dimmers save you energy, but they also extend the life of your light bulbs! Dimmers use a “Triac Switch” to rapidly turn a light circuit on and off to reduce the energy flowing to a light bulb. This switch will cut the energy running to the fixture up to 120 times in one second.


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