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It’s advisable to turn off your Nintendo Switch when you plan not to use your console for an extended time. It’s also advisable to put your Nintendo Switch into Sleep Mode.

This is handy in turning off its screen and most of its functions. However, it will still allow you to use your console via a single button press.

It’s critical to note that your Nintendo switch is not in danger of being overcharged if left docked.

Indeed, if it would overcharge, then it would cease being a home console. The good thing is that it will stop using the battery at 100% even as you use a portable one.

In this case, it will use the power supply in running the system. So, you are asking, should I leave Nintendo switch docked?

Yes, You can leave your Nintendo switch in the dock to facilitate a full charge.Your battery will be safe even if the console is left connected to the AC adapter overnight.

However, if you connect your switch to the dock or plug it into the mains through its adapter before completely spending the battery, this will register as a partial charge cycle.

Indeed, this is the best way to ensure that it gets to a full charge without harming your battery.

But switching off your console is good practice when it comes to leaving it docked for long periods.

However, continuously switching your console off and on is no longer needed as your battery will wear out faster.

Can You Overcharge Nintendo Switch?

Not, There are rumors from people who say that their Nintendo switch caught fire, supposedly from overcharging.

However, the truth is that your Nintendo Switch has overcharge protection.

The relevance of this is that your switch is designed to remain safe from overcharge, regardless of whether it’s left plugged for long periods or overnight.

There is no way your switch will be in any danger of damage for being left plugged in.

Technically, home consoles need to have overcharge protection, and so is your Nintendo Switch.

This overcharge protection feature makes your Switch stop charging when it gets to 100%.

The console’s power supply comes in as the power source to run the system once the 100% mark is achieved.

This is what causes the lightning bolt to go away once it’s at 100%. Therefore, it’s safe to charge your Nintendo Switch overnight to achieve a full charge.

After connecting your switch via the AC adapter before your battery is entirely used up, it will charge long enough to charge and not further fully.

This means that it’s safe to leave your Switch plugged in.

However, it’s critical to ensure that your charger is good enough, as a bad charger might drain the power overnight instead of helping your Nintendo charge.

Should I Leave Nintendo Switch Docked? | Games Gadgets (1)

When it comes to charging your Nintendo Switch console, you can use either of two ways. You can charge your Nintendo Switch when it’s in its dock or charge it when playing on the TV.

The power cable connected to the dock will be the avenue through which your console will charge in this case.

Alternatively, you can charge your console by plugging a USB-C charging cable into your Switch as you play it in a handheld mode.

By default, your Nintendo Switch system will take approximately three hours to fully charge when in sleep mode or when it’s powered off.

On the other hand, your console will take a longer time to charge when it is in use.

Can The Switch Overheat?

Yes.There have been cases of Nintendo overheating when inside the dock. It’s possible to have your console gain some significant levels of heat after playing for some time.

Indeed, your Switch will feel a lot warmer after extended use. At times, this heat might be too much to bear.

Although this heat might be high, your console is most likely fine. It’s not uncommon for a console to heat while on the dock. This is especially so if played for hours.

You might want to know that the dock lacks any fan or any other appropriate method of cooling.

Consequently, all heat produced by your console doesn’t have anywhere to go. This will only build up the longer you play.

While your Nintendo Switch will get hotter the longer you play, it will scarcely get to the point that it will damage itself.

However, a Nintendo can get so hot that it bends or breaks. All the same, this is rare. But the problem is that you can never know if your particular console is susceptible to this problem.

Mostly, many Nintendo consoles will heat up to a normal temperature range.

The most common cause of your Nintendo Switch overheating is a faulty fan. This can be addressed using an external witch.

Check whether the fan is operating by placing your hand near the console’s top at the location of the ventilation slits. You should be able to feel a slight current.

If you cant feel it, try to listen and find if you can hear the fan spinning. If you confirm that the fan is not functioning, it will be time to contact Nintendo Support to have your fan fixed.

However, you can buy a new fan and replace it yourself.

Why Is Switch Dock Not Working?

When the Switch dock is not working, the users encounter a bad experience. There are many causes of problems of Nintendo Switch dock not working.

For instance, the cables you use to connect your console might be in the wrong order, or the dock might be faulty.

Additionally, your HDMI cable might also be faulty, or your cables might not be providing adequate power to the dock to work correctly.

Again, bad configurations might be behind your woes.

You will appreciate that your Switch console requires a decent supply of power to run and if you fail to connect your console to an appropriate power source.

When it comes to fixing your Nintendo Switch dock(Amazon Link)there is no single way to go about it. This is a logical thing as there is no single cause for the problem.

If your Nintendo Switch dock fails to show the green light, you will need to check the power cable.

If the Nintendo Switch Dock is not working, it will not charge your console as that is its primary role.

If the power cable does not provide enough to this peripheral, it’s unlikely that your dock will work. It’s advisable to use an independent power outlet instead of a combined one.

Your Nintendo Switch dock might not work because the dock is faulty, and this needs to be fixed. This is a common issue in new consoles.

Consequently, if your console is new and the dock is not working, it might be faulty. To have this fixed, take your console to the Nintendo service center for a dock replacement.

However, if the fault emanated from a power outage, this will be addressed by their repair team.

Why Is Switch Not Connecting To TV?

There are times as a user, and your Switch might fail to connect to the TV. This is a problem experienced by many users, so your case is neither isolated nor peculiar.

Indeed, you might fail to get a display signal when you try connecting your device to a TV when docked.

At times, your TV might detect your console but lacks an output signal. Consequently, the dock has a green light.

It gets quite frustrating when your Nintendo Switch doesn’t connect to your TV, and you are not conversant with ways of fixing it.

Several reasons might occasion your Nintendo Switch top to fail to connect to the TV:-

Including a broken HDMI port on the dock, failure to use the right adapter, the improper connection between the TV and the switch.

If you connect your console to your TV and can’t see any signal, try to see if your connection is in the right order.

As long as things are plugged in the right order, there is no way you will see a signal.

Therefore, unplug everything from your Nintendo Switch dock and start by connecting the USB plug into the terminal at the top of the dock (it should be labeled “AC ADAPTER.”)

Proceed by plugging the other end of the adapter into your wall outlet. Now get one end of your HDMI and connect it to the HDMI OUT dock.

Get the other end of your HDMI cable and connect it to your monitor or television. You will be better off if you leave your LCD screen facing the same direction as the front panel.

After the console is docked, the LCD screen should power off. Proceed to turn your television on and then select the right HDMI input.

Can You Play Switch While It Charges?

Yes. It would be unacceptable to buy a console that will damage itself if played while charging.

As mentioned earlier, you can charge your Nintendo Switch in two main ways.

Both of the ways allow you to continue enjoying your game as your console continues to charge.

For instance, when you are playing on your TV, your console will continue to charge as you continue enjoying your game.

On the other hand, if you wish to play your console in handheld mode, it’s okay to use a USB-C charging cable by directly connecting it to the Switch while enjoying your game.

Fortunately, your Nintendo Switch’s portability sets your console apart from other home consoles since you will continue to play even after disconnecting it from the screen.

Indeed, you will be able to play it regardless of where you go. I find this to be quite intriguing. However, your Switch might run out of battery.

Your fun will be short-lived since the Nintendo’s battery life isn’t that long.

However, with an original Switch, you can be sure of getting between three and nine hours of gameplay, depending on how hardware intensive your games are.

On the other hand, the Switch Lite gives you about three to seven hours.

The good thing is that you will only need about three and a half hours to bring back your Switch into its full power.

And you can keep playing as the console is connected to power.

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