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The Nintendo Switch is a new console from the world-renowned video game pioneer, Nintendo, which features two modes of play: Handheld and console modes.

The console mode has a 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen and a detachable Joy-Con controller you can use with the touchscreen to play in TV mode or remove for handheld use.

To save energy, Nintendo Switch consoles automatically switch to sleep mode when docked. You can disable this automatic shutdown, but it can lead to issues, and you must be aware of how to regain control of your machine.

If you want to keep the Nintendo Switch in sleep mode when docked, disable the automatic sleep function. To do this, click the Nintendo Switch console on the left side of your screen.

Click System Settings. In Power Mode, select Sleep Mode and turn off Auto-Sleep. Click Save at the bottom of your screen, then presses B to exit your game.

If you want to stop your Switch from turning off while docked:

  1. Go to your home menu and “System Settings.”
  2. Choose “Power Management.”
  3. Change your power mode from Sleep Mode to TV Mode.
  4. Turn off your screen by clicking on the power button or pressing the home button and waiting for it to turn off (Hint: when you see this, that means it’s safe)
  5. Plug in your controller, then dock your Switch without turning on the screen.
  6. Your Switch will not turn off while docked; you can continue playing as usual!
  7. If you wish to go back to sleep Mode, change it to sleep Mode, then turn your screen off again.

Can A Docked Switch Run Without Power?

No! If you are trying to get your Dock or adapter to work when there is no power, prepare for a frustrating experience.

Even if you connect the Switch properly and it works properly with your device, it will not work without power.

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The best solution is to purchase an external multi-voltage battery-powered adapter to charge your device through the Dock or adapter.

The power switch on the external battery adapter will turn on the device, while the external adapter will charge it.

But if you want to avoid spending that money, there are other ways to get around this frustration.

Get a universal power adapter, which will sit in the back of your Dock and charge your device through the Dock when no external adapter is plugged in.

Then you can remove the universal adapter from the back of the Dock and connect any other external device to charge it through that method.

Of course, for this option to work, you will need one or more USB ports on your computer to connect it, assuming that ports are not occupied by another device (like a mouse or keyboard) that you cannot remove.

Can I Power My Switch Dock With A Phone Charger?

Yes! If your switch dock supports 15V power input, you can power that Dock with a phone charger. You can also use an external battery pack or USB power adapter with a micro-USB to USB adapter.

If you don’t have access to these, consider using any other compatible charger that can provide a 2A current, such as the Belkin mobile charger.

That should be enough if your Dock is consistent with the USB-C Power Delivery standard.

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Be careful if you want to use an iPhone charger because those chargers are not made for high-amperage inputs.

<strong>Why Does My Nintendo Switch Turn Off in The Dock?</strong> | Games Gadgets (1)

Using those chargers on a Switch dock will likely damage the Dock and the phone charger. That’s why most people stick with a wall or car charger with a high amperage input.

If you’re in doubt, buy a Switch-compatible USB-C wall charger. It’s easy to find, for a reasonable price and will keep your devices safe.

If you experience damage to your Dock or fire, use caution and a plastic bag. While I have no personal experience with that, I have heard from others that it may happen.

I recommend you use the charger with your Dock because it’s the safest way to charge it. The adapter will keep you safe and, most importantly, your devices safe.

How do I stop my Nintendo Switch from turning off while in the Dock?

  1. Connect the Nintendo Switch to a power source.
  2. Press and hold the power button on the right side of your Nintendo Switch until it turns off.
  3. Locate the orange tab at the bottom of your Nintendo Switch where you insert it into the Dock and press until it clicks
  4. – This will lock you in place your Switch and keep it from turning off when connected to a power source in its Dock’s USB-C port or AC Adapter’s USB-C port.
  5. Slide the Switch in and out of the Dock. You should now see the orange tab turn white to indicate that it is unlocked, allowing your Switch to turn off when not in use.
  6. Press the power button on the right side to wake up your Nintendo Switch and slide it out of the Dock – enjoy your uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  7. Repeat steps one through five if you want to remove and store your Nintendo Switch when not in use or if you wish to extend its battery life between gaming sessions while also locked into its Dock.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact Nintendo Support.

Is It OK To Leave The Switch Docked All The Time?

Yes! The console automatically checks the battery life and charges when it needs to. So, it does not cause harm to the battery life if the console is always plugged in.

As the battery has a limited life span and would eventually lose its ability to hold a charge, it’s best to leave your Switch plugged in only some of the time.

But if you’re looking for convenience, it’s OK to leave your Switch docked all the time, as this will help when you play games requiring heavy battery usage, such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Even when the Switch is charging, it does not affect the battery life as it only takes about an hour or two to charge the Switch fully.

However, overcharging is harmful to any battery regardless of what device it’s in, so always be sure to turn your Switch off when not playing games or when you’re not using the console.

To prevent overcharging, use your charge and sync cable to connect your Switch to a USB port on your PC/laptop, not a wall outlet or USB charger.

You can also use an external charger if you charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Does the Nintendo Switch charge while docked in Sleep Mode?

Yes. As with any other device, the Nintendo Switch will lose power while playing games at this time. The Dock will be charging as well as you connect it to your system’s screen.

If you’re using a Power Pack or any other charger, it, too, maybe charged during this period. Power Packs are designed to feed off an AC source, such as a wall outlet.

This tip goes for the travel case as well. If you bring your Joy-Cons on the go and want to charge them (your Pro Controller or portable charger), all these items can charge at once.

The Switch will not charge in this scenario, but the Dock will continue to charge your system while you play.

You can use any charger with a USB Type-A (or USB Type-C) port to charge your Nintendo Switch. If your portable charger has enough power capacity, it will work while the Switch is in Sleep Mode.

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When the system is not engaged, you can play in Sleep Mode while connected to a Power Pack or other external charger.

When the system is in Sleep Mode, it will charge your other devices.

Nothing stops you from using a Power Pack if you want to do this while playing, but you should be able to get all your devices to charge in one fell swoop.

Is Sleep Mode the same as off Nintendo Switch?

Flexibility-Sleep mode is not just limited to Switch consoles.
-It applies to all Switch consoles, including Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 2DS XL, and Nintendo 3DS.

-You can activate sleep mode in a few different ways:
Turn off the console using the power button in Settings.

-Put the console into sleep mode from within a game or application using either controller
-Off mode is only for the Switch console and does not affect any other devices.

Usage-In sleep mode, the console will not keep track of any date or time information, so you won’t get messages about events happening in the real world.

-Off Nintendo switch works as a time machine
-The Switch display will show the time and date information even in sleep mode.

Safety-As a sleep mode, it is possible to turn off the console without switching it off entirely. Off Switch is no longer available after the console has been plugged in.

-The sleep mode has a setting to change it back to normal mode when it turns back on.

Can The Switch Overheat In Sleep Mode?

Yes. The Switch does overheat in Sleep Mode. The process used to power the Switch while in sleep mode needs more than the average power to function.

Your Nintendo Switch will still work even if the power cord is unplugged during Sleep Mode, but your battery will discharge faster. So, you won’t be able to charge your console or controllers until you wake them up.

Although you might like this, it may cause issues if you’re very reliant on the features of Sleep Mode, such as if you use Nintendo’s left Joy-Con controller more than any other.

You can’t just put your Switch into sleep mode and immediately use different parts of the console; you have to let it sit for five seconds before waking it up.

<strong>Why Does My Nintendo Switch Turn Off in The Dock?</strong> | Games Gadgets (2)

This can be a problem depending on how much time you spend using the left Joy-Con controller and how much time you spend using the Joy-Con charging grip.

You can’t always tell what you’re going to do until you wake up your console.

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If it is an issue, use the Sleep Mode in portable mode instead. This will allow you to power down the system at night quickly but still, have access to your connected devices and save data while your Switch is asleep.

Which Nintendo Switch has the longest battery life?

TypeBattery life
Nintendo DS Lite, DSi, and DS XL4 hours, 38 minutes, 5 hours, 45 minutes.
Nintendo 3DSBetween three and five hours
Nintendo 2DS XL3.5 – 5.5 hours
Nintendo Switch4.5 to 9 hours
Nintendo Switch Lite3 hours and 50 minutes
Nintendo Switch Jr2.5 to 7 hours


Nintendo Switch is the most powerful and expensive Nintendo console ever. It attracts much attention from gamers all over the world. It boasts a size similar to the PlayStation 4, which is also shaped like a slab.


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